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A Mouthguard is Your Best Friend

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When you’re active, in any capacity, you’re putting your body on the line. How many freak injuries have we seen football and basketball players go through? Carlos Boozer, a former power forward in the NBA, broke his hand when tripping over a bag in his home. He was out for a month.

It’s these kinds of freak accidents that make a mouthguard your best friend. If anything crazy happens, the chances of permanent damage to your teeth if you’re wearing a mouthguard are almost none. With that in mind, let’s look at a few other reasons our orthodontistss, Drs. Donald Liang and Christopher Liang at Liang Orthodontics in Washington, DC recommend you use a mouthguard for all sports

Why bother with a mouthguard?
Even if the sports or activities you’re involved in aren’t contact-driven, any physical activity presents a few certain risks. There’s always the risk of falling hard and either chipping or knocking out completely, a tooth. A mouthguard lessens or completely eliminates that possibility.

Makes you think about protecting your mouth
Wearing a mouthguard does a lot to protect your teeth, but perhaps the most notable is the fact that it helps make you conscious of your teeth. Wearing the mouthguard will help remind you to protect your mouth and teeth from hard impacts – intentional or accidental. Even when not wearing the mouthguard, you may find that the habits you developed crop up in other areas of your life.

Mouthguards are popular in sports for a reason, but they should be used on an even wider scale than they are now. We’ve seen them help save teeth, and that’s why we recommend them. If you have other questions, call us today at 202-966-7711.