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Orthognathic surgery, or corrective jaw surgery, may be recommended in order to treat or correct abnormalities of the jaws and teeth. Through orthognathic surgery, Drs. Liang and Liang can correct problems that cause difficulty in speaking, chewing, eating, and other regular movements and activities. In addition, when combined with orthodontic treatment, orthognathic surgery can improve your overall facial appearance and profile. We welcome you to contact Liang Orthodontics to learn more about orthognathic (jaw) surgery in Washington, DC, and to schedule your personalized consultation with our orthodontists.

Our orthodontists may recommend jaw surgery if problems with your oral health, function, and appearance cannot be corrected using more conservative treatments. It is especially important to receive treatments if these oral problems are preventing you from speaking, chewing, eating, sleeping, or participating in other activities. Jaw surgery can help to improve your overall health, and in some cases can even help to improve the appearance of your smile and your overall facial profile.

Our practices uses the latest technologies, techniques, and materials to provide you with orthodontic care that will achieve beautiful results. We will review your surgical procedure with you prior to your treatment so that you can feel comfortable about the care you will receive, and will provide detailed instructions for your post-operative care to help you can recover quickly and without complications. Our orthodontists and team will do our best to ensure that your experience is positive, and that you are as comfortable as possible.

For more information about orthognathic surgery, please call us at 202-966-7711 today.

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