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A Prescription Snore Guard Can Help Mitigate Breathing Issues Caused by Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea is a respiratory condition that can potentially cause breathing interruption and snoring problems while sleeping. In the short term, it can certainly cause sleep quality issues. If the breathing interruption component isn’t mitigated in some way it can also start to tax the heart muscles.

As it continues untreated sleep apnea can contribute to high blood pressure, as well as increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Having your sleep apnea professionally diagnosed is an important first step in treating sleep apnea symptoms. The severity of the condition will influence the necessary methods your physician recommends.

A severe sleep apnea diagnosis will likely require using a positive air pressure device when sleeping. This will gently force air into your respiratory tract to keep the soft palate from slipping backward.

If your physician diagnoses you with mild to moderate sleep apnea Dr. Christopher Liang might be able to help mitigate your symptoms by providing you with a prescription snore guard. There are several different styles and designs available.

A tongue stabilizing device is preferential for people with dentures. This type of snore guard doesn’t attach to the teeth. Once it is properly positioned in your mouth to will help to hold your tongue and soft palate in position.

Mandibular advance devices come in a variety to styles and designs. They attach to your teeth in some way, and several designs incorporate hinges. These snore guards are designed to hold your mouth and soft palate in the ideal position to allow easy passage of air.

Thermoplastic snore guards are made from a special material that softens when heated in water. This type of snore guard for its comfort and custom fit.

If you live in the Washington, DC, area and you are interested in a prescription snore guard to help mitigate your sleep apnea symptoms, you should call 202-966-7711 to speak to the orthodontic specialists at Liang Orthodontics.