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Braces Can Help Improve Under or Overbite Problems

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An under or overbite problem can pose more serious complications than offering an imperfect smile. In time, the misalignment of your teeth can cause chips and fractures, which could lead to even more serious complications.

One of the most effective methods your orthodontist, Dr. Christopher Liang, uses to address an under or overbite issue is to install braces onto the teeth in your smile. Then, every four to six weeks you will need to visit the clinic for a routine adjustment session. This will apply a modest yet progressive amount of tension to the misaligned teeth to stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor them into your mouth.

The number of adjustments and the total duration of time it takes to realign your under or overbite will vary based on the degree of misalignment. Once your teeth have achieved their ideal alignment, you will then need to use a retainer to make sure your teeth hold their new positions. You should expect to use a retainer for the same amount of time you needed to wear braces.

If one set of your teeth needed significant realignment, Dr. Christopher Liang might need to install a fixed retainer. This is a sturdy metal band that is cemented behind the teeth to hold them firmly in their new positions.

If you are struggling with an under or overbite issue in Washington, DC, you should call Liang Orthodontics at 202-966-7711 to see how braces can help realign your teeth.