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Overcrowding and Spacing Issues Can Often Be Corrected with Braces

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As your son or daughter grows, they will eventually have all 20 of their primary teeth replaced by their 32 permanent teeth. It’s not uncommon for multiple teeth to emerge from their gums with spacing, alignment or overcrowding issues. This is even more likely if one or more of your child’s primary teeth needed to be extracted when they were younger.

If the available void left by the vacated primary tooth is insufficient for the space required for the permanent tooth, it can lead to overcrowding issues. If this is not corrected, it can lead to bite-alignment issues. This greatly increases the chances of your child suffering chips and fractures in this area.

There are a few cosmetic variations of braces, but all of them have the same principle. Once the brackets are cemented to the faces of the teeth and the other hardware is installed, the orthodontist, Dr. Christopher Liang, can start the process of progressively applying tension in adjustment sessions. This will slowly move your child’s teeth into their new and improved alignment.

By attending all of the adjustment sessions, it will keep the total treatment time to the absolute minimum. These appointments are also helpful for replacing any hardware that has wear and tear as well as monitoring the overall health of the mouth.

If your child has spacing, overcrowding or other alignment issues with their teeth, you should call Liang Orthodontics at 202-966-7711 to see if they’re a good candidate for braces in Washington, DC.