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Retainers Help Keep Your Teeth Positioned

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After orthodontic treatment, it’s common to find yourself in need of a retainer to keep your alignment in the ideal place. Retainers are a useful tool to help keep your smile healthy and beautiful throughout your day. In fact, many people wear retainers at night to help them with their alignment needs.

To help you with your retainer needs, our orthodontists, Dr. Donald Liang and Dr. Christopher Liang, are here to assist you. Additionally, our team at Liang Orthodontics in Washington, DC, has provided you with some necessary information on retainers, so you can understand why they may be needed for you.

Here is a list of insight on retainers and how they work:
– Hindrances in your oral health linked to diabetes can sometimes be offset through the use of wearing retainers.
– If you have sleeping issues or disorders, using retainers to help align your jaw and teeth may prove to be beneficial.
– Retainers are often used after brace treatments to help maintain your straight smile.
– In instances where individuals are suffering from speech impediments, retainers can help.
– The ideal time to wear your retainers is while you sleep.
– Retainers can help make your teeth less likely to suffer from issues associated with crooked teeth, including risks such as cavities.

As you can see, retainers offer many benefits to your smile. If you have questions about your orthodontic needs, or if you are in need of a retainer, please call us today at 202-966-7711 to make an appointment. We are always happy to take your call.