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Routine Adjustments Are Necessary to Correct the Alignment of Your Teeth

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Here at Liang Orthodontics, our orthodontist, Dr. Christopher Liang will often recommend braces to correct misaligned teeth. This process requires regularly scheduled adjustment appointments to stretch the periodontal connective tissues that anchor your teeth in your gums.

Consistent timing of the adjustments is very important. If you know of an upcoming conflict with an already scheduled adjustment, you should contact our staff as soon as possible to set up an alternate time. The adjustment appointment will also include an inspection of the braces hardware components. If you have noticed excess wear and tear or damage to your braces, or are experiencing any discomfort, you should the orthodontists know during your appointment.

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is also very important for avoiding possible complications. If you are having trouble brushing or flossing a specific area, you might want to try using an interdental brush, floss threader or a water flosser. These special oral hygiene tools can help clean around contours and tight spaces created by your braces. Once you are done brushing and flossing your teeth, you might want to also rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash that has been approved by the American Dental Association.

If you live in the Washington, DC, area and your son or daughter has alignment problems with their teeth, you should call 202-966-7711 to schedule a braces consultation at Liang Orthodontics.