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Why Certain Foods are Bad for Braces

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Braces on your teeth mean it’s time to adjust your dietary habits to your orthodontic treatment to prevent any damage to your appliances. We advise against foods that are sticky or hard, as these can break your brackets and wires and affect the health of your teeth. Below are three popular treats that are particularly dangerous braces and even your oral health:

– Caramel: Sticky sweets such as caramel are hard to clean from your braces and teeth, exposing your mouth to a lot of sugar and resulting in tooth decay. Cavities can disrupt your orthodontic treatment and delay its progress.

– Salt water taffy: As sticky as caramel, taffy can damage your braces and result in tooth decay, which is why we discourage against chewing taffy during treatment.

– Popcorn: Popcorn is full of kernels that can break an orthodontic appliance or become lodged around the teeth, resulting in discomfort. While wearing braces, it’s important to avoid snacking on popcorn to avoid the risk of kernels.

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