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Your Child Will Need a Retainer After Their Braces Are Removed

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Your child’s regular braces adjustments at Liang Orthodontics played an important role in correcting the alignment of your child’s teeth. Once all of your child’s teeth have been brought into their ideal alignment, Dr. Donald Liang and Dr. Christopher Liang can uninstall the orthodontic components.

However, this is not the end of your child’s orthodontic journey. It’s important to keep in mind that after the braces are removed, there will still be some residual tension in your child’s periodontal connective tissues. If this tension is not addressed by consistently using a retainer, it could cause your child’s teeth to drift out of their ideal orientation and require a second round of orthodontic treatment.

When it comes to choosing a retainer for your child, there are several different options. A Hawley retainer is the most common type of removable retainer. It is a custom-shaped piece of acrylic that fits into the upper portion of the mouth. Hawley retainers are removable, yet when in the mouth, they are firmly held in place by a set of wires that lock onto and around specific teeth. There are also clear, plastic retainers that are also removable. This option is quite popular, as the retainer is nearly invisible when worn.

A fixed retainer might need to be installed if two or more teeth required significant correction. Fixed retainers are made of a rigid metal band that our orthodontist will cement in place to firmly hold the teeth in their newly aligned position.

If your child’s teeth have been corrected at Liang Orthodontics, our orthodontic clinic in Washington, DC, and if you have a question about retainers, you can always call 202-966-7711 to speak with one of our team members.