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What Can a Malocclusion Cause?

A misalignment of your bite is called a malocclusion. In many instances, they do not cause many issues, except for how they affect your appearance. At other times, they may cause discomfort, but we can treat the malocclusion to help you remove the discomfort. A malocclusion may give rise to discomfort in your jaws. Sometimes, this discomfort can extend beyond... read more »

Principles Concerning Malocclusions

Are you aware of what a malocclusion is? A malocclusion is a bad bite caused by a misalignment in your mouth due to inadequately aligned teeth. There are several types of malocclusions responsible for a variety of defects that may exist in your smile. For a better understanding of the basics of malocclusions, listed below are principles concerning the most... read more »

Keep Crooked Teeth at Bay with Braces

Crooked teeth are an ailment that affects many people all around the world. In some instances, teeth may become crooked through no fault of anyone. If this should happen to you, it is vital to restoring your healthiest smile with orthodontic braces. Benefits include the following: - Braces are enormously effective at repairing your smile and improving your self-esteem and... read more »