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What Can a Malocclusion Cause?

A misalignment of your bite is called a malocclusion. In many instances, they do not cause many issues, except for how they affect your appearance. At other times, they may cause discomfort, but we can treat the malocclusion to help you remove the discomfort. A malocclusion may give rise to discomfort in your jaws. Sometimes, this discomfort can extend beyond... read more »

Overcrowding and Spacing Issues Can Often Be Corrected with Braces

As your son or daughter grows, they will eventually have all 20 of their primary teeth replaced by their 32 permanent teeth. It’s not uncommon for multiple teeth to emerge from their gums with spacing, alignment or overcrowding issues. This is even more likely if one or more of your child’s primary teeth needed to be extracted when they were... read more »