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Why Certain Foods are Bad for Braces

Braces on your teeth mean it’s time to adjust your dietary habits to your orthodontic treatment to prevent any damage to your appliances. We advise against foods that are sticky or hard, as these can break your brackets and wires and affect the health of your teeth. Below are three popular treats that are particularly dangerous braces and even your... read more »

Routine Adjustments Are Necessary to Correct the Alignment of Your Teeth

Here at Liang Orthodontics, our orthodontist, Dr. Christopher Liang will often recommend braces to correct misaligned teeth. This process requires regularly scheduled adjustment appointments to stretch the periodontal connective tissues that anchor your teeth in your gums. Consistent timing of the adjustments is very important. If you know of an upcoming conflict with an already scheduled adjustment, you should contact... read more »

Your Child Will Need a Retainer After Their Braces Are Removed

Your child’s regular braces adjustments at Liang Orthodontics played an important role in correcting the alignment of your child’s teeth. Once all of your child’s teeth have been brought into their ideal alignment, Dr. Donald Liang and Dr. Christopher Liang can uninstall the orthodontic components. However, this is not the end of your child’s orthodontic journey. It’s important to keep... read more »

Help Your Braces Have a Great Year by Making Resolutions for Them

Instead of making a resolution for yourself, why don’t you make a resolution for your braces? Making a resolution for your braces can help you have a more effective orthodontic journey and it might even help you reach your perfect smile faster! Our orthodontistss, Drs. Liang and Liang, encourages you to make a resolution for your braces so you can... read more »

What to Expect for the First Orthodontist Visit

You may have noticed your child’s misaligned teeth and are wanting to consult with an orthodontist about correcting the issue. Making an appointment with a pediatric dental practice, or orthodontist is the first step. The dental team is there to help you navigate your way through the process, from scheduling appointments to maintenance and financing. There are several things to... read more »

Early Orthodontics

When we think of orthodontics, we usually think of teenagers, or in many cases adults, who are opting for braces in increasing numbers. However, depending on your the alignment of your child’s bite, your orthodontist may suggest that he or she get treatment around the age of seven. That may sound like an early age, but many orthodontists know that... read more »

Got Braces? Try This Diet

When you align your smile with braces, there are many things you need to keep in mind in order to have a successful orthodontic journey. One of those things is how to eat a proper diet that is friendly to your appliances. Unfortunately, there are certain foods that can damage your braces and prolong your treatment. So, please do your... read more »

Keeping Your Braces Clean and Cared for Is Important

When wearing orthodontic braces, it is important to remember that they need to be cleaned and maintained as any other device would need to be. Keeping your braces clean and cared for is important, so here are some tips to help you: - If a wire or bracket should come loose on our braces, minimize the damage by covering the... read more »

Keep Crooked Teeth at Bay with Braces

Crooked teeth are an ailment that affects many people all around the world. In some instances, teeth may become crooked through no fault of anyone. If this should happen to you, it is vital to restoring your healthiest smile with orthodontic braces. Benefits include the following: - Braces are enormously effective at repairing your smile and improving your self-esteem and... read more »